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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some commonly asked question and their answers.
If you have an additional question, please contact us


When will I get my T-shirt? 

All orders are pre-orders. We have no inventory on hand. We will print orders 14-30 days after campaign launch (with first batch printed when we reach a total of 48 or more shirt orders or 30 days after launch, whichever occurs first). The more shirts, the faster your shirts are shipped!

For designs other than the “Here for Good Delaware" design, production time may vary. Please refer to description under those garments.


How will I know when my shirt ships or is available for pickup?

We will send you an email to notify that your shirt has shipped or is available for pickup at the location you designated during your order.


When does my business/organization get payment?  

Initial payments to participating businesses/organizations will be issued In increments of $240.


Can a business or organization create their own design and make that available for sale through the Here for Good DE online store?

Yes! Frank Communication Solutions, LLC is happy to host the sale of shirts or other garments ordered from us. Please contact via email for additional information.


Are other items with the Here for Good DE design available for sale?

Yes! We are adding additional items. If you are a business or organizations interested in signs, stickers, other types of apparel, hats, socks, reusable drinkware, face masks, headbands, microfiber clothes, reusable bags, or a variety of other items, we can brand virtually anything for you. Please contact via email for additional information.


How does my business or organization sign up for the Here for Good Delaware fundraising campaign?

Yes! Complete this google form and we will contact you to confirm and get you up and running.


Can I nominate a business or organization for the Here for Good Delaware fundraising campaign?

Yes! Complete this google form and we will reach out to the business/organization to get them up and running.


What’s the hook - as a business or organization am I really getting $10 free for every shirt sold?

It’s a simple business relief program. Supporters choose a color, size and business/organization to support, they get a soft shirt and the business/organization gets $10! It’s a community effort. We ask that businesses and organization and supporters share the link through their social media channels and tell friends and family. It’s a group effort to drive people to the web store and raise money for each business’/organization’s cause. Frank Communication Solutions, LLC has created messaging to support these efforts and will share with all participants.


What can a business/organization use the $10 for?

We want to help businesses and organizations in Delaware be Here for Good. They can use the money for anything - whether that means creating a fund for their employees, keeping the lights on or rent paid, or putting the funds towards supporting their own cause. We know that several businesses in Delaware have set up funds to support people on the front line, get food to those without and more. This campaign money can support that type of “good,” too!


Order your shirt(s) now!

$10 from every shirt purchased goes to the business/organization/cause you select at time of purchase

Current Businesses/Organizations/ Causes You Can Support

See a list of current places you can support through your shirt purchase and learn how you can nominate a small Delaware based business or organization.

Sign up your Business/Organization/Cause for the Here For Good Delaware Campaign

Do you own a Delaware small business or run a Delaware Based Organiation? Complete our form to participate in the Here for Good Campaign

Nominate A Business/Organization/Cause for the Here For Good Delaware Campaign

Complete our form to nominate a business/organization/cause to benefit from shirt sales


Please use this form to send us any questions